SW development with PowerBuilder, ORACLE and SYBASE Adaptive Server

SW development with PowerBuilder, ORACLE and SYBASE Adaptive Server for a customer in the branch of multi-media.

Project tasks:

  • Adaptation and extension of various existing PowerBuilder applications

  • SW development for the creation of reports (DataWindows)

  • Investigation of functional dependencies including inheritance relations of PFC objects

  • Context-driven event management

  • Performance tuning: analysis and optimization of real time control of SQL queries using ORACLE's Cost Based Optimizer (index optimization, Fast-Full-Scan, usage of Optimizer Hints, code review)

  • Enhancement of database design and of database table definitions including enhancement for database views

  • Special task: coping with storage of huge data volume (BLOB)

  • Investigation for alternative database objects (materialized views)

  • Migration of Powerbuilder applications from release PB 5 to 10 including adaptation of PFC aspects (resize) and creation of executables with Powerbuilder runtime environment

  • Execution of SW-integration and sytem tests for PowerBuilder applications that guarantee the integrity of the representation of company data towards external customers (B2B)

Project environment:

  • ORACLE 9i, 10g

  • SQL Navigator 4.5

  • CBO

  • SYBASE Adaptive Server Anywhere 6/9

  • PowerBuilder 5, 7, 8 and 10 including PFC

  • Windows XP